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Although basic shapes and cross-sections are easily manufactured using traditional techniques, complex parts with hollow interiors still present a real challenge to manufacture in the composite parts industry.

Thanks to the additive manufacturing technologies, it is now possible to simplify the process for these parts. The ST-130 ™ material provides an efficient and cost-effective approach to the production of complex composite parts. The material, a thermoplastic that dissolves in a basic solution, makes it possible to control the dimensions of interior surfaces, as well as the internal mesh finish.

This soluble material is resistant to the heat and pressure of the autoclave hardening process. The tooling is also printed with a triangular filling pattern which reduces the build time to print the part, while using less material.


The ST-130 sacrificial tooling is a good solution to replace the current methods, and has the following advantages :

  • Eliminated the need for additional tools of molds for the production of sacrificial tools

  • Allow easy removal of the composite part

  • Provides a robust tool part which can be handled and transported without damage

  • Resistant to the mechanical stresses of the conventional composite laying procedures

  • Provides design freedom and the ability to quickly iterate different designs


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