Darksword Armory - Sword guard

We now offer a superior finish for parts printed in SLA. Chose this option to obtain parts with an irreproachable quality of finish!

Printing parts to use as mold making stand-ins or as a finished product for particularly picky customers can require a high quality of finish. Our SLA machine can work wonders for this type of application! Despite being able to print with a resolution of up to 25 microns, the end result is already close to perfection when manufactured at 50 microns. However, SLA is a technology that uses supports made with the same material as the part being built. You therefore need to remove these supports and clean the model by hand.

To obtain a ready to use piece, we recommend choosing our superior finish. Our technician will then takes the necessary time to carefully erase the micro printing defects.

Contact us to find out if your part needs a superior finish!

We thank our client Darksword Armory for allowing us to share images of their pieces.

To learn more about Darksword Armory: https://www.darksword-armory.com/fr/lepees-medievales-dagues-et-armures/

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