Order 3D printing online.

Did you know that we are among the first to offer online 3D printing service?  With our easy-to-use ordering tool, you receive your parts at your home or office even faster. It is also possible for our local customers to collect their orders directly from our pick-up counter.

Our advantages

The advantages of using our online ordering tool are numerous! First off, there is no opening fee and no minimum price for ordering online. Our quick and easy to use tools lets you order your part when it's convenient for you.  Once your model is uploaded, you can compare prices for most of our material and surface finish options before placing items in your shopping cart.  You would be surprised how inexpensive 3D printing is, try it now!

Contact us without hesitation if you have any questions, a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

3D models

You don't have a file for your part?  We can 3D scan your part or make the design from your sketches.

Learn more about the scan service ((HERE)). And on the 3D design ((HERE)).

Small batch sizes

We offer a wide range of solutions and technologies to print your unique items, all at competitive prices.  Not only can we help you select the best options for producing your small batches of parts, we are continually adding new machines to increase our capacity.

No matter how many parts you need, we can recommend the best choices for your design criteria. It is also possible to produce parts in small quantities for demonstration or presentation units.  We do not have minimum orders for most of our materials.

Who is 3D printing for?

There are many sectors that can benefit from 3D printing.  Indeed, you can now produce parts that would not be feasible with conventional means of production.

Several industries already use 3D printing, including :

  • Automotive industry : 3D printing makes it possible to create more complex parts that were previously impossible to reproduce.  The variety of materials available allows rapid testing of prototypes.
  • Aviation Industry : Molten wire deposition printing is used in various applications in this industry which allows it to innovate rapidly.
  • Industrial tools : Molding parts, tool designs and spare parts are regularly produced using 3D printing processes.
  • Consumer products : 3D printing makes it possible to obtain a prototype or a unique and personalized product.
  • The medical industry : Researchers, physicians and medical device manufacturers use this technology for highly customized products, even with bio-compatible materials.
  • Architecture : 3D printing of models makes it possible to produce complex elements in order to verify concepts or to participate in competitions.

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