Our new machine has finally arrived.  Learn what it can do here!

At long last! This giant box has finally arrived and we can't wait to start testing sample pieces with new surfacing options.

With it's impressive size and wide range of settings, we'll, we'll be able to offer a load of surface finish options for nearly all our material choices.

How does it work?

Once your parts are printed, they're cleaned, de-burred (supports are removed) , and prepared in the usual way. The parts are then placed in a chemical "mist" that coats all surfaces evenly and penetrates a thin layer into the part.

The end result will be less porous, more even surfaces that show fewer imperfections such as the lines of resolution. These new, glossier surfaces will also have slightly improved mechanical properties, making your part a bit more durable.

For now...

We currently offer a similar treatment that is applied manually to your parts. This process is only available for two materials, however, the ABS and ASA materials which you can find in the FDM technology. We get great results from this but it's very labor intensive and doing larger batches can be a real challenge!

We will be happy to offer this new service soon!

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